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Please see more information on the opportunities that we offer talented soccer players . 

Younger players from ages 6 to 14 should choose the developmental soccer camps level because this is the starting point for all youth players. 


Ages 16 – 23 years old     Girls and Boys

Professional players or players who are enrolled with an Academy, National and provincial teams that are looking for trials with international clubs and academies should choose this level. Our scouts have strict requirements for this level and players should be serious about football.

Do you have what it takes to go Pro? See below:

  1. A professional highlight recruiting video, as well as a full-length game video.

  2. A professional soccer C.V 

Successful applicants will be invited to Trial in Europe or the USA for Club and Academy teams.

University or College

Ages 16 – 21 years old      Girls and Boys

Players that are interested in using their talent in soccer to get placement in an international university or college team should choose this level. Players need to meet the following requirements to study abroad

  1. High school leaving certificate OR already have completed first year in college/university.

  2. Video footage of game time. Please click here to see acceptable videos.

  3. Players MUST NOT be paid by a professional team.



Ages 10 – 16 years      Girls and Boys

This level is for players and parents interested in enhancing their abilities. This is the perfect time for players to start as they have time to develop the right technical skills.


For this level we offer:

  1. International coaching

  2. International Training camps 

  3. Hi-Performance academies world-wide.

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